3-5 Minutes

Showcase your day with the vibe that suits you best, may it be fun, romantic, vintage, abstract or anything else we can put words to. This in depth “highlight reel” is produced the same as our features and is also offered as a jaw dropping same day edit.


1 Minute

Builds anticipation and excitement for your Feature Film. Will leave everyone wanting more.

Full Feature

16-20 Minutes

The ultimate artistic documentation of your wedding. The length of the Full Feature allows us time to strategically capture multiple storylines and portray them in a way that is entertaining unlike any other. Known for making couples instant movie stars.

Short Feature

8-12 Minutes

Our most popular. Look back on your once in a lifetime moments through a modern and uniquely immersive experience.

Extended Documentary Edit

45-60 Minutes

Multiple camera angles, clean live sound, and music of your choice bring this conventional wedding video up to date from the 80s. Unveils everything from your most intimate moments to Aunt Lucy shakin’ it. Does not include any tipsy microphone interviews.

Documentary Edit

30-45 Minutes

Watch the general formalities of your day unfold through multiple camera angles and live sound. Known for satisfying your more traditional side.