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Our studio chooses to shoot just 15 productions per year to ensure we deliver superior wedding films to our amazing clients.


Meet the crew...


Some of our most popular productions...

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▻  Wedding Trailer (3 min.)

▻  Wedding Documentary (45-75 min.)

▻  One Cinematographer

▻  One Production Assistant

▻  Two Cameras

▻  Camera Stabilization


▻  Full Day Coverage (bride’s preparation location, ceremony, photo/film shoot location, reception)

▻  Hassle-free Full HD Final Product Digital Delivery (1080p)




▻  Wedding Film (10 min.)

▻  Wedding Documentary (45-75 min.)

▻  One Cinematographer

▻  One Production Assistant

▻  Two Cameras

▻  Camera Stabilization


▻  Full Day Coverage (bride’s preparation location, ceremony, photo/film shoot location, reception)

▻  Groom’s preparations shot at ceremony location

▻  Hassle-free Full HD Final Product Digital Delivery (1080p)




▻  EXTENDED Wedding Film (20 min.)

▻  Wedding Documentary (45-75 min.)

▻  Same Day Edit (3 minutes)

▻  THREE CinematographerS

▻  TWO Production AssistantS

▻  FOUR Cameras

▻  Camera Stabilization




▻  Full Day Coverage (bride’s preparation location, ceremony, photo/film shoot location, reception)

▻  Groom’s preparations shot at Groom's prep location

▻  Hassle-free Full HD Final Product Digital Delivery (1080p)

Common concerns from past clients...

What do you do to prepare for unlikely worst-case scenarios? 

Aside from running 3 audio feeds during all formalities, we bring a full setup of backup equipment to cover us from any technical difficulties. We’re stacked with extra batteries, cameras, lenses, tripods, lights, radios, and tools. As far as guest related worst-cases (like iPhones creeping their way into first kiss shots or guests stepping out of the aisle blocking the camera’s view of the bride’s entrance to ceremony) — we kindly make guests aware of the cameras and their surroundings before ceremony starts. If it happens anyway, no worries, we still have at least one other camera rolling. If there's trouble outside of our scope, our teams there to help. We’ve driven brides and grooms to first look and ceremony due to transportation issues — we’ve helped a planners and grounds crews move outdoor wedding indoors due to a surprise storms — the stories are endless but at the end of the day, we’re ready for it — and everything comes out beautiful no matter what.


Is there a bright light on top of your camera?

Uh… no. Our cameras are powerful enough to provide all the lighting we need. For dusk outdoor ceremonies and receptions we set up an off camera dimmable light that blends with the existing lighting and adds to the ambiance. Unless you want to scare your guests off the dance floor, we’ll keep our lighting off camera. 


Are you able to work flawlessly with our photographer?

Sure. In short, as long as we can have 5 minutes without the photographer, we’ll be able to get everything we need and more. During preparations our team quietly bounces around stocking up on beautiful natural clips. We will never ask the bride and groom to stop what they’re doing and look at the camera for a shot. When photographers dive into posed shooting, may it be for portraits or group photos — we fall back and find other interesting things to shoot. Once posed time is over, the cameras turn to the bride and/or groom for more greatness. In regards to formalities, before each one we make it a point to communicate so we’re aware of each other’s angle’s — avoiding unexpected camera cross-fire. Many photographers enjoy the light we shoot into and often times camp out by our cameras to get similar angles.


How do you record audio?

For ceremony we place a small mic on the groom’s jacket, a small mic on the officiant, and a backup recorder next to or plugged into a loud speaker. For windy outdoor weddings we may decide to mic the bride (with a hidden mic) to have a clean feed of her vows. For receptions we plug into the dj/band’s main feed, one of their speakers, and an ambient mic near a speaker (to catch crowd noise).  


What’s your turnaround time after the wedding?

6 months — not a day later.


Will there be cameras in our way or the guests way?

Nope. It’s important for everyone to see. As long as we have a clear shot from a distance, we like to shoot off to the side. There’s always a hidden low camera capturing the action from an angle no one can notice.


Can we get a Film only and skip the Documentary?

Yes. However, in order to make a Film, we need to make 95% of the Documentary. By the time we sync the audio and video clips of the formalities and pull all of the clean footage, it’s only another few hours to put together the Documentary — and to save $150, we suggest taking the Documentary too.


Can we get mostly candid shots?

Heck yeah! Even though it’s important for us to subtly direct at certain times, we like to blend and shoot from the shadows using long range lenses. The best shots are the ones that no one knows we’re shooting. 


How is music selected?

Other than the 3 minute preparations intro and the 3 minute dancing cut, audio for the Documentary is live — meaning the audio captured at that point in time is the audio used. We do allow couples the chance to choose the music to their preparations and dancing cut if they like. Although not necessary. We’re used to selecting fitting music for all edits. As far as films and feature films go, we allow our couples to choose a vibe such as fast and fun or bright and uplifting or dark and dramatic. From there, we select the music that works best with the day’s footage.

How do we receive the final product?

The final product is delivered via digital download. Links and download instructions as well as suggestions come in email form for long-term storage. We also offer an upgrade to receive the final product on a custom USB drive. If raw footage is ordered, that is delivered on an external hard-drive formatted to be compatible with your computer’s operating software.


How does payment work?

A 25% deposit is needed to secure the date. From there, we break down the remaining into 3 additional payments — the final payment required one month prior to the wedding date. This allows us to ensure a smooth workflow.